We all have good parts, bad parts and priorities. Our matchmaking system determines compatibility based on your priorities. Ideally partners should be between 20 - 40% different in order to keep the relationship interesting, but similar enough to have the same perspective on life. The important thing is to know what you should have in common and what not. If you were born to be an active or a social person and your partner is not, chances are in long term you will not be happy. While just the simple fact that you like Rock and your partner likes Jazz, will not stop you from having a wonderful life together.

Most people love doing certain things. When they exaggerate with what they like, they get out of balance and have to stop doing what they love most. Therefore they should also avoid temptation, including a partner who tempts.

For example, Mr. A who loves fat products and ate them his entire life, finds out he should avoid them. But his wife who loves only salad and absolutely hates fat finds out she has to include some fat in her diet on a regular basis. What will happen is that Mr. A will become frustrated, will avoid eating with his wife and their relationship will fall apart.

Breakups occur from little but extremely important differences. Not knowing what really matters can lead to failure.

Why should I believe there is such a thing as a perfect match or perfect compatibility?

We are not pretending to offer you perfection, but we will show you from our members who you are most compatible with and describe what that compatibility refers to. Details cover what you might or might not like about your match, what your match might or might not like about you, and most important what problems you two might have in a relationship and how to prevent that from happening.

Why don't you use only Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) analyses only 4 aspects of your personality, but you are much more complex than that. Myers-Briggs also represents 10% of your compatibility with other members.