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Single and looking for a lasting relationship?

Single-and-Looking allows you to verify your compatibility with a partner before you start a relationship! In order to avoid a stressful life, all you have to do is to choose a compatible relationship. Choosing the right life partner makes the difference between appreciating your partner or accepting them, in other words a happy life or stressful life. dating service has only one mission: to help you learn more about your real compatibility with someone so that you can experience the joy of falling in love with someone whom you are truly compatible.

Most important Compatibility factors

  • emotional compatibility
  • when you are emotionally compatible with someone, you have similar feelings, instincts and habits. You are not surprised by their reactions and you feel safe in that relationship.
  • mental compatibility
  • when you are mentally compatible with someone, you understand each other, you enjoy communication with one another because both your minds process information the same way. Therefore you are both intelligent enough to understand each other.
  • energetic compatibility
  • when you are energetically compatible with someone, you are capable to keep up with one another and you never drain each other's energy.
  • life values
  • when your values are compatible, you want similar things from life.

    Less questions, more science, better matches is an online dating community exclusively made for singles who are interested in finding a compatible soul-mate. When creating a profile, the matchmaking system takes into consideration all those components that really matter in a relationship, like the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, sexual component. And compatibility is based on proven studies which analyse 10 different principles of human character.

    Details make the difference when looking for a lasting relationship

    Generally, when you like someone, the decision is based on physical attraction, and what you want right now. Most people however do not know many things about them, and what they want is not always what they really need, so their personal description is subjective. This dating website tells you subtle things about your personality and everyone else`s personality, which influence compatibility.

    Find the exact person you are looking for

    When searching, you can focus on specific qualities, such as age, religion, education, location and even language which can be extremely valuable if you are single in a foreign country. When you find someone you like, you can read about your partner and about your future relationship even before you contact them.

    Choose who sees your profile

    If you are looking for someone from specific states or countries or continents and wish to be seen only by members from those specific areas, you may hide your profile from everyone else.

    Free communication allows you to view profiles, select the ones you like, read and respond to messages for free.

    Only singles with pictures

    Everyone on needs to have a picture. After 30 days, any account that does not have a photo is being deleted. And only those members who have a photo can contact other singles with pictures.

    How matchmaking works is focused on matchmaking you with someone compatible with you. We understand how different people can be, therefore this matchmaking system seeks to recognise individual characteristics. For that reason, the Relationship Questionnaire is designed to establish your needs, desires, personality, beliefs and overall outlook on life, as well as your individual views on important life issues like love, money and family. And because you need as many information as possible in order to make a decision, we will show you your most compatible matches, you will be able to see your score with all members, plus a description of how your relationship might evolve.

    Unique online dating community offers all members a free personality description based on a part of the Relationship Questionnaire. So far, members reported 94.7% positive feedback.
  • Ladies, you are in high demand. 73.2% of our members are men seeking women!
  • Why this matchmaking website

  • With a free account you can see members according to your searching criteria, and to contact them.
  • With a paid account you can see your most compatible matches, your compatibility score and how your relationship might evolve.
  • Membership of Single-and-Looking is secure and anonymous. You decide if, when and to whom you wish to reveal your real identity.
  • For added privacy, only other members of this Website are able to see your profile and photo.
  • Here you can meet people like you, who are looking for someone on their wavelength for a lasting relationship.
  • Why a regular online dating website is not enough

  • When people meet someone they like, they try to make a better impression. To make sure you do not fall in love with a mask, shows you someone`s real face, their real character, and tell you how compatible you really are, and what you might not like about that person in the future.
  • Some people are attractive, but not photogenic, therefore their photos will not do them justice. However, if you are compatible enought, you can have a video conversation and decide if they are attractive or not
  • Most of us are not professional writers, which is why dating ads can only give you a glimpse of who that person really is.
  • Most people do not know how to describe themselves; they are not aware of their priorities, but they can recognize them in the free personality description offered by